Area Activities

Thanks to Crescent Cities location, surrounded by mountains and water, we have a wide variety of fun activities available to us in Crescent City.   We hope you find the following information is helpful when wondering about activities in the Crescent City area.

Crescent City Skatepark is one of the best flat land skateparks in California. There are ramps, quarter pipes, different size ledges and manual pads, rails, stairs and a pyramid in the middle of the half pipe.

Ok, it is not a poured concrete park, but, it's not bad for the middle of a forest community.  Enjoy.

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South Beach of Crescent City is a favorite location for surfing along the wild rivers coast.   Though you will find surfers in the water from South Beach to Point St. George, South Beach receives the most visibility ... being right along the Hwy 101 corridor through Crescent City.

Regularly you will find dozens... more

We have rivers, we have ocean, we have Endert's Pool.   Take your choice.   If you choose rivers or ocean, consider a wetsuit.   If you choose Endert's Pool,  visit the pool website and see the schedule of hours.

Endert's Pool was renovated in 2008 and features... more

Like tennis? Tennis is available in Del Norte.  Courts area available at Del Norte High School for the general public, weekends and afternoons.   DNTA members may register for use of the indoor tennis courts available Saturdays, during the winter, at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

Additionally, there are private courts... more

White water rafting is available in the Del Norte area. White water rafting is exciting on  the Smith River.   The Smith is a first choice locations for rafting in California.   The list below is an exerpt of information available at, a central repository of... more