Bayside Realty

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695 Hwy 101 S, Crescent City, CA

Whether you're buying, selling, or renting, we offer full service realty assistance. We have offices in Crescent City and Smith River, and can help you anywhere in Del Norte County.

Almost 27 years ago, a little old "Shell Shop" was bought and converted in one of the most successful Real Estate Offices in Del Norte County today named itself "Bayside Realty". The building had been on the market for more than three years, just waiting for the right buyer to come along... Broker Mimi Stephens had admired the decor of the building and had shown it several times working in another real estate office. She knew what it took to be successful so took the plunge and opened her own office...After several months of remodeling she opened her doors and hired her first realtor Norma Cassady who has been her friend and co worker all these years...After several more years of up-grades and success, and adding seven more agents at Bayside Realty the business has been great, humming and in tune, but the agents are never too busy to laugh and "Be Happy" which reflects Mimi's outlook on life (and also her license plate). The success is built on honesty and good hard work, professionalism and our motto is, and always has been "WE MAKE MONEY THE OLD FASHIONED WAY, WE EARN IT! "

~ Mimi Stephens

Please, visit us and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals.   We can help you find your dream in Del Norte ...