CC Diner & Ice Cream Parlor

CC Diner, Crescent City, CA

Oh my gosh, do you like hamburgers, root beer floats, fries, or ice cream?   You need to try CC's Dinner.   They offer the best in ice cream and fast food in town.

Their ambience is a throwback to the days of ice cream shoppe you wanted to spend time at with your best girl (or guy).   The staff is friendly and you'll feel at home.

Year after year, CC's Diner wins the Triplicate & Pilot Reader's Choice Award for the Best Hamburger in Crescent City.   If you don't know what to try, and you want a burger, try their Baconater. There root beer floats are incredible.   Their selection of ice creams, and various cold desserts (shakes, sundaes, etc) rivals anyones.   

Visit them in the Old Town Center on Northcrest Dr, Crescent City, CA (see our restaurant map).