Though the site is called Crescent City Webs, the site is for the community.  We, the folks of Del Norte County, make up the real community.   Crescent City is the heart of Del Norte County, being the county seat, and it's a lovely place to live and visit.  But, understand, Crescent City wouldn't be the place it is without its neighboring unincorporated areas and the jewels all around; Big Flat, Fort Dick, Gasquet, Hiouchi, Klamath, and Smith River.

We're a community because we love our area, we love our life, and we think about people.  Though we see 5 cars on the road and think of a traffic jam, still, we are people oriented.  We worry about people, and work with people to make life the best.

We see life in a slower lane. We see the rain, the snow, the trees, and the water and we relax.  We invite visitor to come to join use to enjoy the beauty and relaxed feel of the area.  We hope to share our love of the area with everyone.

Visit and feel the relaxation.   Enjoy the ocean, forest, rivers and lakes.  Look forward to the Fishing, hunting, hiking, surfing and .... all the activities available.

Wander our website or visit and learn about all that our area has to offer you.