Rock Hunting

Del Norte has some outstanding rock hunting opportunities.  No, we don't have Jade or exotic crystals, but, we do have some fun opportunities for the rock hunter.

The coastline of Del Norte is a amazing place to search for interesting agates.  If you are like many folks, you'll find hours of pleasure wandering the beaches for just the right agate; the white agate, the green agate, the swirling agate, ... all sorts of interesting agates.  Though you can find agates on most beaches of Del Norte, one of the best places to find agates would be the beach at Point St George.

With the placer mines in the Big Flat and Gasquet areas, people actually continue to find gold along the Smith.  Perhaps you want to try finding some on a weekend exploration.   Some people pan for the gold, some people actually find large enough pieces that they dive for goal, looking under rocks where the gold tends to settle.