Sunset High School

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2500 Elk Valley Cross Road, Crescent City, CA

Sunset High School is a member of the Del Norte Unified School District.   Sunset High School qualifies as a continuation school with a typical enrollment of about 120.  Sunset High School offers non-traditional education for students and offers grades 10 - 12 for students that cannot be supported by Del Norte High School in Crescent City.   The school provides for the special needs students plagued by chronic truants, behavioral issues, substance abuse and other conditions that may lead to dropout.

Typical Class sizes are on the order of 10 students/teacher. 

Sunset High School is a student-centered high school based on mutual respect that supports our pupils’ educational needs, fosters high expectations, and promotes academic achievement.

At Sunset High School, we teach students, NOT SUBJECTS.  Student learning is our main focus. We ask our students, “what are you learning?”, not “what are you doing?”  It is our priority to provide students with skills and resources that will enable you to continue your education through life, college, trade schools, or the armed services.

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To find out more, visit or call 707-464-0380