Bicycling is popular along the Wild Rivers Coast, and Del Norte County.  There are good reasons for the popularity, the possibilities are endless.  Regularly, you'll find people bicycling up and down Hwy 101 for the view of the redwoods and the ocean.  In town, and between areas of Del Norte, we have none of the masses of traffic found in places like L.A., Sacremento, San Jose, or other metropolies.

Crescent City and the surrounding areas have well defined bicycle paths used provided by Caltrans, and paths frequented by bicycling clubs.  

Certainly, bicycling around town in Crescent City, any of the surrounding cities is no problem.  The towns are small and the level of traffic (or lack of traffic) is conducive to bicycling for fun or even daily transportation.   I even know a number of people that bicycle from Smith River or Gasquet to work.  Talk about great exercise and enjoyment in live. Bicycling is enjoyable for kids, adults, tourists and residents alike ... in Del Norte County.