Area Activities

Thanks to Crescent Cities location, surrounded by mountains and water, we have a wide variety of fun activities available to us in Crescent City.   We hope you find the following information is helpful when wondering about activities in the Crescent City area.

The Crescent City area has multiple golf courses for you.  Whether you are looking for a tournament to join. a day on the fairway or an afternoon to keep in shape. Crescent City has a course for you.  In the crescent city area. there area 3 fine. courses:

Del Norte County has more than its fair share of hunting available.   Del Norte has seasonal hunting for bear, Roosevelt elk, blacktail deer, quail, grouse, wild turkeys, and squirrels. 

With changing requirements and controls on hunting, this site is not prepared to provide detail information about seasons, fees and other... more

Without a doubt, kayaking can be exciting on  the Smith River.   The Smith is one of the premier locations for kayaking in California.   The list below is an exerpt of information available at, a central repository of kayaking and rafting experiences in... more

Sites knowledgeable about kite boarding (like Kite Zombies, xTreme Sports) remind their vistors that in the Northern California... more

Thanks to South Beach, and the regular breezes, Crescent City is a popular location for kite fliers.  Regularly, Crescent City sees visitors from the inland areas visit to hold kite flying festivals and events.  Kite flying can be enjoyable for both the young and old alike.  Bring your kite with you to South Beach to enjoy the winds... more

If you like hiking and identifying plants, Del Norte could be heaven to you.   For 40 years, Ruby VanDeventer collected and recorded plants in the area.  She recorded over 4000 specimens.  Wander the forests and the beach areas, see how many you can find.

These are just a very few of the plants you'll see ...

Del Norte has some outstanding rock hunting opportunities.  No, we don't have Jade or exotic crystals, but, we do have some fun opportunities for the rock hunter.

The coastline of Del Norte is a amazing place to search for interesting agates.  If you are like many folks, you'll find hours of pleasure wandering the beaches for... more