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700 Northcrest Drive, Crescent City, CA
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Here at Chimney Kraft, we have been trying to keep Del Norte and now Curry counties warm for over 20 years. Starting out in 1992 as a one-man operation, Chimney Kraft has continued to grow over the years. Chimney Kraft has expanded from the small retail store in 1999 to an even bigger showroom in 2010.

All the owners and employees consider it very important to do the best job we can for our customers. Our reputation as having professional, knowledgeable and courteous technicians shows how much we want to make sure our customers are happy. The hottest products that are selling currently are the Ductless Heat Pumps. Heating and Cooling with a Ductless Heat Pump can be very cost effective. If replacing an Old Oil Furnace, a Ductless Heat Pump usually pays for itself in just a few years. Heating with wood is also very popular in our area, especially if you are growing your own trees on your land. The welded steel and cast iron wood stoves made today are very efficient. Current EPA Green Codes govern the way wood stoves are being built now. As long as you have allowed your firewood to cure properly, that wood stove and chimney should heat your home for many years. Maintenance of your heating appliance is also very important. Keeping filters clean and air flowing will add to the efficiency of your heat pump or forced air system. Maintaining the motors of your pellet stove will not only add to the efficiency but add to the life of your pellet stove. Also cleaning your wood fired chimney in the spring, after the burn season is over, will insure that your wood heater is ready to go for next winter.

Chimney Kraft has been a proud member of the Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce since 2006 and we love our small town atmosphere. We encourage people to shop local to support all local businesses. There is no better way to BOOST our LOCAL ECONOMY !!


Patti Kraft
Chimney Kraft, Buy The Fire, Inc.
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Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm May thru July we are NOT open on Saturdays -but starting in August and going through April ourSaturday hours are 10am till 3pm.