Porcini Restaurant

Porcini Restaurant

The porcini restaurant is one of the newest restaurants in the Crescent City area, and thank goodness for its arrival.   Crescent City has lots of simple restaurants, but, we have been waiting for a restaurant as nice as Porcini.  

Porcini may not have hundreds of tables, but, when you sit down for diner at Porcini, you are in for a real treat.   The waitresses are wonderfully attentive and nice.   The menu and food is superb.   The atmosphere is great.

Recently, I visited Porcini after an argument with my wife that they were not open yet.   YES my wife was right, they are open.   I had a wonderful pork tenderloin.  The tenderloin was seasoned to perfection, and tendeeerrrr.   I even did something I never do, I ordered dessert ... it was great. 

With its minimal signage, it may  not be as noticable as some places in town, but, you have to try it.  Try Porcini!!

110 Anchor Way
Crescent City, CA