Simpson-Reed Trail

Simpson-Reed Grove Trail

Do you need some exercise, or just in the mood for a nice walk?    Head over to Simpson-Reed Grove.   Head out of Crescent City, up Hwy 199.   Take a few short curves and voila, you'll find Walker Rd to the left, your starting point for the Simpson Grove trail in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Turn off Hwy 199 on Walker Road and drive a few feet, you'll find a few parking places and the entrance to the Simpson-Reed trail.   The trail is an easy, largely level, 1 mile looping walk through tall old growth redwoods, beautiful ferns, hardwood trees, shrubs and more.   Be facinated by the hemlock trees, huckleberries, ferns and lichen growing from the fallen giants.   Relax, listen for the stream and the wind as you walk.  Smell the forest.   Sit on the log benches, and experience the inner peace.   Touch the trees, the flowers, the fern, but, avoid the poison oak.  You'll have a great walk and make your day brighter.