Special Places

B Street Pier

Originally B Street Pier was expected to be a great place for folks that would like to fish in Crescent City, but, didn't want to charter a boat.  The 900 foot pier is located at the west end of the bay.

Unfortunately, it has turned out that fishing on the pier wasn't what was expected, fishing the pier is good for relaxing, but, not for catching masses of fish.  If you would like to know more about fishing the pier, and give it a shot, see pierfishing.com


Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse is one of the iconic features of Del Norte County.   We have redwood forests, gold mines, gorgeous beaches, rushing rivers, darlingtons, and we have Battery Point Lighthouse.   The lighthouse may be the first landmark noticed as visitors enter Crescent City from the south,  decending out of the redwoods.  


Simpson-Reed Trail

Simpson-Reed Grove Trail

Do you need some exercise, or just in the mood for a nice walk?    Head over to Simpson-Reed Grove.   Head out of Crescent City, up Hwy 199.   Take a few short curves and voila, you'll find Walker Rd to the left, your starting point for the Simpson Grove trail in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.